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Description of Winning
Hi KL Tan and Hai Tong,

Thanks for the wonderful tutorial on get back to the basic ‘Data Reading’. When this tutorial was put up, what captured my eyes is the word ‘Get Back To The Basic’. For me there is one of the important points to take note.

I have used the Wed Data without Big Sweep and this what I have seen.

I have noticed that sys number 0279 have a yearly average hit of 2.8 times and currently is zero hit for the year of 2004.

Based on the tutorial put up by Hai Tong, I applied it on system number 0279. Guess what, I have got the 1st Prize with a $2250 winning.

Due to my forgetfulness, I did not bring out the direct number recommended by the software with me when I was buying at the booth, if not I may have hit more. Below is the direct number highlighted by the soft ware before I updated the result.

The direct number (1st Prize 2097) and the (Starter 0297) is highlighted by the software.

Once again thank you Assemblix for the wonderful software and also to Hai Tong for making the effort to put up a very enlightening tutorial.

Assemblix is ‘Simply The Best’


Prize win :
Amount win :$ 2250
Submitted by: Richard
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