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Description of Winning
Hi KL Tan and Hai Tong,

I am writing this letter to share my joy and resentment over Win4D advance.

My Joy,

I am indeed feeling joyful about my winning of $15,000 on the direct number 3212 and also the sys bet on 3212. This number was shared by you (Mr. KL Tan) in the chat room sometime 2 weeks ago. The direct number ‘3212’ is also my house number. My confidence is further enhanced when checking on my numbers using Win4D advance, I have noticed that my house number ‘3212’ is one of the highlighted direct recommended. Besides that during the purchase of Win4D advance, Hai Tong has demonstrated to me on the various function on Win4D advance and have highlighted to me that base on the monthly analysis for Top 3 Prizes, sys number 22 is performing well for Wednesday Draw. Both KL Tan and Hai Tong have lived up to their expectation of performing their business out of Professionalism and Passion. Now I am beginning to understand why Striking Leo kept saying associating yourself with Assemblix would bring you more winning. Let me salute both of you for the great creation of ‘Simply The Best’ Win4D advance.

My Resentment

On the 26 Sep 2003, both my wife and myself attended the launch that was my first time in contact with Assemblix. I do not know if it is my not so good luck, I happened to sit near a group of people who were very negative about Win4D advance. Being new, the end user comment meant a lot to me. My wife went to mingle with these so call “negative people” during the break and have received a lot of negative comments. In fact my wife was at the verge of suggesting lets not waste time and go home. But deep in me, I kept telling myself lets see what Hai Tong and KL Tan have to say and lets observe them from a distance. After the launching is over, my hearts goes to them and start to feel that they are sincere and are not like what I have heard. Again those negative comments still linger on and thus I did not go ahead to buy the software. When I came to learnt about the Direct number ‘6452’ came in as Consolation, I felt real bad because if I have the Win4D advance and have it updated after the Saturday’s Result, I would have been one of the winner. On Monday (29 Sep 2003) I went ahead to purchase the software and have share my resentment with both Hai Tong and KL Tan. What shocked me most is that these negative people who commented negatively about Win4D advance are User themselves. I really do not know their intention, but all I want to say they did not do a justice to both Assemblix and potential buyer like myself. If only I have mixed with the right group of people I would have won. To those who were innocently, directly or indirectly being poison by the negative people, I am the living example.

To all Assemblix members including myself good luck and TTTTP

4D Hunter
Assemblix comments,
Thank you for your wonderful letter, we're very happy that you benefited using the software. We appreciate you for bring up the above matter to our attention. I hope that, if any members received negative comments, give yourself a chance, talk to us and you know.

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Prize win :
Amount win :$ 15000
Submitted by: Hunter
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