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Description of Winning
Hi KL Tan & Hai Tong,

It could have been ‘100K’ mark as I pledged to make Assemblix proud….well, I guess I didn’t bathe with the lucky spray (Ha!Ha!) that I bought on wed 13 Aug 2003 when I had the honour to talk to you guys and have Lunch…

Once again… happy to say that with association with Assemblix, coupled with fantastic 4D tools such as win4Dpro/T-graph, G-graph, good guidance, lucky candles/sprays.. I feel so lucky to hit the starter ‘4106’.

For those who happened to share the same number & same message is let’s do make assemblix proud by giving more tips that you think coming on strong….

Let’s hope everyone TTTTP all the way..

Incidentally if any bother to check F2 function under ‘Search/Analyse 4D past history mode’, you would have noticed 4106 is one of the directs highlighted. AGAIN.

For those who had seen my post in gold/jade section of Win4d Forum, would have seen how I had eyed on this number.

So.. What can I say but have faith, confidence & good 4D tools/luck spray from Assemblix, we did it & we’ll do it again & again. (Sounds familiar…right?)

Striking Leo
Assemblix's comments,

System number 0146 was one of the best overall performance number listed in the Statistic page. This direct number is also shortlisted. Below is the capture images of the graph and Win4DPro.

Prize win :
Amount win :$ 5000
Submitted by: Striking Leo
» Assemblix
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