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Description of Winning

Hi Mr. KL Tan & Hai Tong,

Do you remember me. The one who walks into your office with the mind set that 4-D numbers cannot be analyzed. KL Tan and Hai Tong, both of you are real cool and are professional in your presentation.

On 14 Aug 2003 while at your office to find out more about the Gold membership, I took the opportunity to ask you (Hai Tong) about my favorite number 1459. Based on your interpretation of the T-graph and the G-graph on this sys number 1459, I gathered that it is an Up trend graph and has a good chances of coming in short gap. On seeing the professional work put up by you, I decided to join the Gold membership for 1 year to see for myself. If not at most I considered write off $110.

Subsequently, on the 16 Aug 2003, I decided to go ahead to sys bet 1459 with $1B together with other numbers, I was feeling very happy and surprise about my winning of first prize and a consolation. In fact I have never won a first prize before. I have won for myself a $2062.

On the 17 Aug 2003, while on my way to have my breakfast, I kept seeing this 4D numbers 9752. I kept telling myself the moment I reached home I would like to take a good look on how the T-graph looks like. The T-graph looks good and is on up trend. From my winning on sys number 1459, I went a head to buy $50B on direct number 9752. Guess what? I strike again. This time I won a starter and have got for myself a $12,500.

I am at lost of word to say, my time spent and my membership is really worth. I am beginning to believe that 4D numbers can be analyzed. I am going for the final tools, which is the win4dpro. Now I also realized why Striking Leo kept saying associating yourself with Assemblix would bring you luck.

Playing 4D is never being the same after using Assemblix analyzed tools.

Supergoodluck Man
Assemblix's comments,
The T-Graph for the above two numbers is below.

Prize win :
Amount win :$ 14562
Submitted by: Supergoodluck Man
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