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Description of Winning
Hi KL Tan & Hai Tong,

This is my 8th winning letter to both of you. The following are my winning letters:

1. 4 Jun 2003 won Starter Prize on Direct number 1058 amount win $5250
2. 11 Jun 2003 won Starter Prize on Sys Bet 0359 amount win $250
3. 14 Jun 2003 won 3rd Prize on sys bet 0143 amount win $1000
4. 18 Jun 2003 won 1st Prize on sys bet 0147 and Starter Prize sys bet 0269 amount win $2250
5. 9 Jul 2003 won Starter Direct and Sys bet 8189 amount win $42,500
6. 19 Jul 2003 won Starter Direct on 4310 amount win $2500
7. 27 Jul 2003 won Starter Direct and Sys bet on 2 sets of numbers: 9781 and 3891

On the 3 Aug 2003, I have again won a 2nd Prize on sys number 0122 which I bought $1B and $1S. This time I have won $3000. Without the use of the Win4dpro and the T-graph (put it simply with Assemblix’s web tools) I would not have won. I believe by now I am a no stranger to all members here and so is Assemblix. And so are Mr. KL Tan and Hai Tong.

I am at lost of words to thank Assemblix and in particular so Mr. KL Tan and Hai Tong for their unselfish sharing and effort. They are truly a good coach. Without their effort I would not have won. To win once will be considered by luck but to win consistently is real win.

To all members, truly associating yourself with Assemblix is a good move. Not only your luck will enhance and so is your hit rate in the 4D play. Lets join our hands together and make Assemblix’s web site a place for more winning.

Sunshine Lady
Prize win :
Amount win :$ 3000
Submitted by: Sunshine Lady
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