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Description of Winning
Hi KL Tan & Hai Tong,

It is I again.

This is my fourth round striking. Tonight I strike system number 0122 and the direct number 2102 (2nd Prize) and another sys number 1447 (consolation) in all I have won for myself a total of $3062.

The sys number 0122 was based on the T-graph. While checking on the T-graph, I have noticed 3 lines points towards the same point. I decided to give it a try. According to KL Tan and Hai Tong, they have mentioned that such graph under normal circumstances has a good chance for Top 3 Prize. The Direct was chosen from the use of Win4dpro.

As in regards to sys number 1447, I chose it because it is the season number for the month of Aug. According to Hai Tong, he has recommended to go for it. With this in mind I sys bet on this number.

I have fully recovered my cost of buying Win4dpro, Win4dbasic and also the Gold membership. I have found myself left with Profit. To all who are still pondering whether Assemblix’s analysis tools are good? I have only one phrase to say, “Assemblix is simply the Best”.

Prize win :
Amount win :$ 3062
Submitted by: TengLam
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