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Share your questions, suggestions and information with other Assemblix members and expert guest hosts through the Assemblix TOTO Forum.

  Tutorial online

Check out the latest online tutorial note on how to use the software to analyse and optimize your winning.

  Movie showing how to use some of the features.

You can click on the link below to watch the movie clip of how to use the software features. You need to have Windows Media Player or

  1. Display Result (859K)
    This will shows how you can change from one display to another in the display format.
  2. Search (955K)
    This will shows you how to search and all the various function available in the search.
  3. Summary (1.43M)
    This will also show you the various features that you can make use in this powerful features.
  4. Wheeler (3.4M)
    A sample of how to wheel and minimise the number of tickets using the filter condition method.


Upgrade or Patches

Patch Version (Click to download 1.0MB) (01 Aug 2005)
Make sure you have version before applying the above patch.

  1. Fix the Import Ticket Checker Error.
  2. NG Table with highlighted cells indicating the winning number. (Backdated NG)
  3. NG Table with highlighted cells indicating your selected Wheel numbers. (Wheeler)
  4. Improved Wizard with self feedback system.

Latest Version (Click to download 3.2MB) (05 July 2005)

  1. Daily Database option.
  2. Intelligent Pattern Scanning.
  3. Better Graph points.
  4. Weekly Statistic.
  5. Additional Filter.
  6. Intelligent Filter control.
  7. WinTOTO Wheeler Wizard.
  8. Instant Statistic
  9. Import function with save, load and check function.
  10. Improved NG Table Statistic.
  11. Improved Wheeler Check against history winning.

Version (Click to download) (02 Feb 2005)
You need to have V2.0 before you can upgrade this.

  1. Better tab naming convention.
  2. Faster startup.
  3. New filter in wheeling.
  4. New logic in filter process.
  5. Toggle display condition view.
  6. Manual override on wheeled tickets.
  7. New NG Table.

version 2.0 (Click to download)(02 Dec 2004)

  1. Unlimited games to be added in analysis.
  2. Unlimited User Grouping method.
  3. Wheeling filter with the user grouping.
  4. Improved summary of system, generate system 5/3 within minutes.
  5. Can preview your printing.
  6. Included all Malaysia TOTO game.

NOTE : Please make a note of your current betslip alignment value. The new system will need you to re-align the betslip again.

Upgrading is easy, just download the program and run the setup. When the WinTOTO upgrade screen appear, just click the "Upgrade Online" and wait for the "successful" message. Please make sure you choose the correct game name to start. If you see a result display that do not match your desire database. Please do not be alert, you probably open the wrong database. Just click "File"->"Open database" and select the right one.

If you encounter any error message during the upgrading, please call me at 93881524 or email to me with your license number to

To facilitate the using of WinTOTO, I had also included the Online help file for view. You can see the whole help files at Help file

Latest version 1.1
(26 June 2004)
  1. An improvement in WinTOTO pick where now you can pick upto 6 sets of lucky numbers and at the same time print the betslip.

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