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 21 Jan 2014 7/14/2020 12:42:00 AM
Posted By : KL Tan
How a member won $40K on 0589
Last Sunday the 1st prize number 0589 was a very overdue system number. We did featured this number in the Win4D Video tips a few draws back.

Why this number is been observed during this time? There are many sign can be found using Win4D Advance software.

The very obvious sign was the top prize system 1D - digit 9 which is already missing for past 3 draws.

The next indication is the System 3D - 059 in top 3 prizes and starter prize performance. It is the only 1 missing for the past 2 months in the hit chart.

The third indication is using the G-Graph to determine which system 4D is the strongest to play. Usually the indication is by studying the similar graph pattern that occurred before. In this case, it is an overdue system. When studying overdue system, the best is look for twin tower pattern. That mean the same high gap that happens recently.

So, that is why a software is so important tools if you are serious about playing 4D in a winning game. Call Haitong at 92300837 to know more about the software.

If you are a Gold member, you can see details case study written by Dave in the forum at

Below are some of the winning tickets that we received.

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