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 16 Dec 2013 9/20/2019 11:59:00 PM
Posted By : KL Tan
Winning 1St Prize
Below is the letter we received from a very satisfied member.

Dear Assemblix,

I am writing to you my Heart Truth of Winning the First Prize. Let me begin thanking both you Mr. KL Tan and Hai Tong for their unreservedly sharing and effort. Yes I am move by your effort.

This winning is make possible from the use of Win4D Advance Software, Version 3.2. My favorite have been the Season Numbers and is something that Assemblix have been preaching to be the most consistent trend. My usual play before I get hold of Win4D advance version 3.2 was that I system bet 2 sets of ABCD pattern for 1 draw and it cost me $48. Now with the new Win4D Advance I find that I am able to reduce my cost, with 2 sets of system 4D ABCD pattern, there are usually only 16 or sometimes 17 sets of direct numbers, and on 4 December 2013, I have pick up the 8 sets of hot direct numbers highlight by Win4D Advance and yes one of the direct number 2809 came in as First Prize. I do play my safety net by buying $5 Big ibet on the system numbers I have chosen. Total cost is cut from $48 to $26, before even winning I have already won $22.

When I started I only buy the highlighted hot direct without considering the ibet as safety net as such I do have resentment like any others when the hot direct did not hit on that draw. Instead of having the resentment I decided that I should hold my fate in my own hand by buying ibet as safety net.

My willingness to share is simply that I am move and I could feel the sincerity of Assemblix toward we the user.

I am thankful and are grateful and are looking forward to sharing more of winning joy

Mdm U C Yap

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