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 24 Jul 2013 9/19/2019 10:32:00 PM
Posted By : KL Tan
Win4D Special Forecast Hit Direct!
Congratulation to many Gold members who has won the direct hit on today draw. The one and only direct number in RED that is shown in our front page when you login as Gold membership. 4058 came out on Starter prize today.

Or if you have an Android phone, you can see the special forecast in the 4D Gold Apps that is FREE for membership to use.

Below are some of the winning tickets that we received so far. If you have smart phone, just take a picture of the winning ticket and WhatsApp to me at 93881524.

If you have not join Gold Member, better join now!

Another great news is the number that we shared in the 4D Video and Forum, 0469 which happen to hit 2nd Prize today. The HOT Direct in Win4D Advance also captured this, you can see the winning ticket send in by members as below,

So with Win4D Advance, your chances of winning direct hit is higher.

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