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 29 Jun 2011 9/19/2019 10:54:00 AM
Posted By : KL Tan
Win4D G-Graph course hit 1st prize
On May 2011, we conducted a special course on G-Graph analysis. In the course, we shared one of the method in analyzing System Roll numbers.

Two set of system roll was chosen using this method. Coincidentally, one of the direct number was identical / repeated. This number is 6066. I did mention in the class that since it is repeated, everyone shall pay more attention on this.

Exactly one month later, this set of number came 1st prize on 12 Jun. It is a direct hit, all you need to do is play $1 for every draw, your investment is only $15 and you get back $2000. Wow! if it is multiply by 10x, you will be jumping for joy.

Another set of system roll came one week after the 1st set - 2nd prize 6062.

Anyway, this number don't come easy. A lot of efforts spent to derive this. Going through all the lines in the summary list, comparing the various criteria and drawing each of the graphs, require a lot of time and self discipline. It is not a chores everyone welling to take. Therefore, whenever we have a special 4D class, we seriously spent a lot of effort to ensure the best numbers are selected. If you are looking for this type of result, do look out for our next special 4D lesson.

Seeing is believing, below is a partial capture of our note.

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