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 24 Jul 2009 9/22/2019 2:47:00 PM
Posted By : KL Tan
Win 1st Prize Direct with Win4D Advanec V2.8 by watching video tutorial
By following the same technique of analysis as shown in the video tutorial step by step, she manage to win the 0780 1st prize direct $7,000 - 1st prize direct on 22 July 2009.

According to her, the video allow her to learn at her own pace. She can stop, forward or backward the video to double check every steps. This video tutorial really help her a lot in using the software effectively. The video tutorial that she use for her analysis on 22 July was Direct Number Matching dated on 23 June 2009.

An important note to everyone, the video tutorial that we uploaded shows our analysis technique and concept. In order to fully understand it, it is best to practise it with the software every time you updated the 4D result.

With this new version 2.8 Multi Group matching, winning direct number are within reach. All you need to do is take the first steps to use this feature. If you have not upgrade to this version, get it upgrade early and start to enjoy the benefit of it.

Call Haitong 92300837 or KL Tan 93881524 to check for you.

Below is the fax of the winning ticket.

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