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 17 Jul 2009 9/22/2019 12:54:00 AM
Posted By : KL Tan
Watch video tutorial and win 4D
We received many feedback from our members that they benefited from the video tutorial on 4D analysis.

We try our very best to produce a 4D video tutorial every week. This video tutorial will guide you into using the Win4D Advance more effectively. With this video tutorial, you can take your own time to study and learn the analysis technique at your own pace.

For those without software, you have a chance of knowing what numbers that we analyse. You will definitely benefit one way or another by watching the video tutorial.

The best part of this video, it is FREE to watch.

We email everyone once we have uploaded our video tutorial. If you some how did not receive our email, it could be 4 reasons.

1. The email is transfer to Junk folder in your email program.
2. You could have un-subscribe without knowing.
3. Your email could have bounce or rejected by your server.
4. Your mail box is full.

Whichever the reason it could be, if you want to receive the email notification on the video upload, you can always email me at or call 93881524 to help.

Below are some of the members winning by watching the video.

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