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 23 Aug 2007 9/20/2019 11:45:00 PM
Posted By : KL Tan
Another new enhancement for Win4D Advance
After the release of version 2.6. A lot of new feedback has been coming in. We value your feedback and continue to improve the software features. This release aims at improving the user friendliness of the program.

All the toolbars are now IE6 compatible and it is much more flexible to move them around. The data will have a bigger screen area to display.

G-Graph is one of the most important features in Win4D Advance. The improved winning prize color code will bring more light to our analysis. You will be able to see how the trend of the winning in relationship with the winning prize too.

Similarly, improvement on the Gap Distribution Chart on integrating the prize winning code will certainly help us to make a better decision on our playing strategy.

Click the below link to see more.

What is new in version
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