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 30 Apr 2007 7/16/2020 6:03:30 AM
Posted By : KL Tan
Using Sum 2D TP to detect 1st, 3rd and Stater Prizes
If you are using Win4d Advance, you will be able to notice that Sum 2 Digit for top prize with value 5 is one of the most consistent. Sum 2 digit of value 5 consists of 05xx, 14xx and 23xx. All these are in system mode.

Using the 3 sets of System 2D to filter for ABCD Pattern numbers, you will derived 4 sets of numbers to play when you sort for first pillar of TP 2D to 4 as shown in the picture below.

However please take note that it is not common for the first pillar to have a values of 4 in system 2D top prize to appear.

The good news is, Win4D Advance has this very unique and powerful features. It give you a method to play within a controlled group of numbers. In this way, you can set your focus on your analysis and you can see result faster.

If you have yet to own one, do click on the link below

However if you wish to know more you can reach us at 65326845.

Alternatively, you can come to attend our 4D course and understand how all this is possible in 4D analysis. We provide detailed notes for each course conducted.
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