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 2 Jan 2007 9/16/2019 1:33:28 AM
Posted By : KL Tan
4D Top Prize course technique won 1st and 3rd prizes
Good news, the latest method use in detection of top prize has won consecutive hit. On Saturday, we have 1st prize system number 2357 where we detected during the class. Many of the attendee won themselves by playing I-Bet. In a way, the course fee is fully subsidized.

On Sunday, with the help of our posting in forum, a lot of them also use the same method, manage to detect and hit the system number 0179 - 3rd prize.

You should have also noticed that our SMS system also manage to make more than 40 members happier with our specially detected numbers. These are specially selected numbers, they are not random. We spend our precious time in the selection, if you have not register your handphone, do it now.

Therefore, our privilege forum is not just an ordinary forum. We have put in our effort to give our members our best selection numbers almost every draw. Join our Gold membership and be the first one to login to get the best 4-D forecast and tips from us and our experts in there.

You can also join our courses and understand how we analyse and detect the 4-D numbers. Signup now at 4-D Courses now.
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