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 30 Oct 2006 9/19/2019 4:30:35 AM
Posted By : KL Tan
1st Prize winning
Join our Gold membership and start to login to our privilege forum. Chat and learn the technique of deriving potential 4-D numbers from here. By been able to spot a special trend or indication in the statistic will be an added advantage to a 4-D player. For example, on Saturday 28 Oct, Haitong posted the potential system 3D in the Stock taking for end of month is a genuine statistic taken from the Win4D Advance. If you happen to have 056 as your own personal number, you could have pay some attention on 0568 that hit 1st prize that night. Same goes to 247 on Sunday where 4427 hit the 2nd prize. All these information can be a catalyst in your 4-D play if you can access our privilege forum.

Posting by member such as Hyper88 on system number 0258 was follow up by us with graph and chart to shows the strength of the number. With this kind of personal attention and technical follow up, will certainly benefit all the members in the forum.

Our forum stands up in providing numbers with statistic backup so that you can understand the process of the selection. So why wait? Call 65326845 for more information.

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