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 5 Aug 2006 7/16/2020 3:57:47 AM
Posted By : KL Tan
Ultimate 4-D winners.
If you are a 4-D player, you should read it all. Assemblix not only teach you the skill of 4-D analysis, we also guide you to play 4-D responsibly.

As a 4-D player, you must always remember to check your behaviour every time when you check the 4-D result on draw date. There are 2 most obvious things can happen.

  1. You won a prize

  2. You never hit any prize.

You won a prize.

Definitely you will feel the joy and happy moment of your life on the winning. This is good occasion and you should really treasure this moment. Let this happy occasion remain in your memory forever. The next most important thing your should know is DO NOT increase your bet just because you have extra cash now. It is very important to control and manage your play within your budget range. Please do not think that you have found a gold mine. Our software DO NOT claim 100% winning solution.

You never hit any prize.

Most of the time, we would feel a little disappointed. If you have control and manage your play according to your budget, you should have get over your disappointment within 5 minutes. If your disappointment still set in and you have a feeling of desperately want to win, you should step back and reduce your play immediately. This is a sign of gambling addiction.

There are occasion that you find yourself very disappointment because you missed the 1st prize number. It could be the number that you did not play or stop playing for this draw. This is really an unfortunate circumstances that is beyond your control. Feel the disappointment and get over it fast. No body knows what will happen before the game, so you should accept your own decision for not playing. You should stop blaming yourself or anyone else because it will drag you into the gambling addiction stage. Whatever the outcome, always be prepare to accept this unfortunate circumstances. Mathematically, the ratio of win against loss is 23 out of 10,000, so there will be many of such unfortunate incident as long as you are still playing this game. Take it easy, it is part and puzzle of life.

Setting your objective in playing 4-D

If you are playing 4-D on a regular basic, you must start to plan and manage your budget now. Every dollars is a hard earn money, so please play it with proper planning. It is very important to have this habit in place so that when you win a big prize, you are in control of yourself. You should set your primary objective as play responsibly, follow by secondary objective to win big. If you do not know how to play responsibly, even you win a big prize, you will soon lose it. Those who knows how to control and manage their play are the ultimate winners.

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