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 1 Aug 2006 9/22/2019 10:52:46 AM
Posted By : KL Tan
New software - Win4D Standard - Direct number only.
Playing 4-D is same as many games, you need to knows the statistic and the probability of the game in order to have the advantage edges over the banker. A lot of 4-D players do not have the strong knowledge of mathematic about 4-D games. To make things simple for 4-D player to understand the mathematic, I will try to use the simple term to describe the scenario about the probability.

Base on theoretical calculation, for a person to hit a prize regardless of the type of prizes, if he or she only play 1 set of direct number, he or she will need to play for 2 years 9 months to hit once. So, it is very common to hear someone tells you that he or she did not win any prize for the past few years. But then, you also heard people say they hit many times in a year. So how did they achieve the winning? Let's take a look at the mathematic. If you play 1 set of direct number, it takes 2 years 9 months, what if you play 10 numbers? It only takes about 3 months to hit onces. That give you about 4 hits in a year. So, the theory is that the more numbers you play, the likely you will hit a prize. Of course, this also lead you to lose more! Do not think that the person who had told you that he won a big prize is a winner, because he may have also play a lot.

After we know the probability of the 4-D game, we should now look at how best we can gain the additional percentage to our advantages. To make a calculation easier to understand, we use an example above of playing 10 numbers. In theory, the player will hit once in 3 months. That is he or she did not use any software.

By using the software, Win4D Standard uses a special trends monitoring technology to classify the numbers into HOT, WARM and COLD. This classification is equally divided into 3 parts, which is 33% of numbers will be HOT, 33% of numbers will be WARM and 33% of numbers will be COLD. Naturally, the percentage of the winning will be 33% each, but we manage to maintain an average of 40% to 50% of the drawn numbers to falls inside the HOT category. This has give us a small percentage gain over the norm. We are looking at the moderate percentage gain. It should be better than expected with proper guidance. Of course, this is only base on the assumptions that under normal controlled situation.

Question about what winning prize remains. Someone will be luckier than other, this is the fact. The luck factors is something that we cannot calculate. One thing for sure, the more you win, the better chances of hitting top prize. If you won the 1st prize, you have the highest luck factor. If you only win the consolation, you are still luckier than those that did not win. Always stay positive and always play responsibly.
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