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 26 Mar 2006 9/20/2019 2:50:08 AM
Posted By : KL Tan
FREE SMS services
After providing for almost 3 months of FREE SMS services to our members, we concluded there are a total of 423 winning recorded. If we use a mathematic calculation of 423 divided by 30 draws, it works to an average of about 14 hit per draws. Which is about 20%~25% of our member won a prize every draws. This shows a very encouraging figures as more and more members are benefiting from it.

Even with this high number of winning, the distribution of winners are not balance. Some winners won more than other, some have not even won any at all. Why? The numbers are allocated to members at random, hence some may be luckier.

Our mission to provide this service FREE is to help player to play smart and play responsibly. Just play I-Bet on this number for the fun of it, do not over play. This is not 100% guarantee winning service as you can see from the above tabulation.

You can register to receive this FREE SMS at

If you have already register with this service and find that it is nuisance to receive SMS every draw, please un-subscribe it immediately at
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