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 21 Mar 2006 9/19/2019 11:47:36 AM
Posted By : KL Tan
BigSweep Draw date changed.
The recent changes of the Bigsweep draw by Singapore Pools will obviouly affect the way we analyse the 4D result statistic. We will monitor this and do the necessary changes to our software.

The Big Sweep draw is having on the 29 March 2006 instead of the normal 1st wednesday week of every month. In this case the result you update through internet may be treated by the software as normal 4D draw result.

Because of some uncertainty involve this changes, we will need to wait for the first bigsweep draw result before we do any changes to the software. Meanwhile there are two possible workaround for this case.

1. On the 29/3/2006, continue to update the data as usual, use the "All Draw" option.
2. Do not update the result on 29/3/2006. Update only on the 1st April 2006. After you updated the result, go to the "Result Maintenance". Scroll back to 29 March 2006 result, *DELETE* it away. Don't worry, you can insert back this in the later date when the new version of Win4D Advance is ready. Please note, only V2.3 onward can do "Insert data".

Don't worry, I will keep a close watch on the out come of the BigSweep changes and keep everyone inform.

User who has a valid Annual Maintenance Support, you can look forward to download this FREE from the webpage soon.

User who has yet to renew or your Maintenace support expired, you may click on the link to renew now.

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