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 15 Mar 2006 7/14/2020 8:16:35 AM
Posted By : KL Tan
1st Prize 0128 with T-Graph
Hi members,
T-Graph technology today shows us another 1st prize winning with the "single point" indications.

On draw #2305, the graph of system number 0128 shows all the 3 lines almost meet together. This usually means has top prize potential within next few draws. Upon further analysing the "Gap Distribution Chart", the hit rate for the current gap, i.e. gap 10 in history seem to be very high.

Another factor that contributed to this was the recent hit on 21 Dec 2005 also happens to hit at gap 10. You can see this in the G-Graph by moving your mouse pointer over the red-line points.

Below is the capture image of this graph just before the result was updated.

Technical analysis using T-Graph is one of the useful tools to look for indicators of top prize. With this technology, you can have a winning edge over others.

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