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 26 Jan 2006 9/19/2019 7:13:47 AM
Posted By : KL Tan
Free SMS service - Are 210 sets System ABCD really given out to all members?
Article contributed by Mr Saw,

Isn't it wonderful for our 2 Sifu's to provide such services without cost to the members?

Would sincerely like to THANKS them a great deal for it.

There were several consolation prizes in the past weeks and finally, the 1st prize came in today in just less than a month since the SMS service started.

My opinion – Assemblix SMS statistical acheivement based on this result is definitely good.

Recently, some members who met me asked if I knew that Assemblix is giving out each of the complete 210 sets ABCD to every SMS subscribed members.

Honestly, I don't know - But I definitely do not think so based on some simple mathematical calculation.

Here it goes :-

There were 11 lucky members who recieved the 1st prize 6359 number from Assemblix today.
(Well you can count them on the Home page of this website)

So we roughly know that for each set of ABCD number, about 11 members are receiving it.
Now let say if Assemblix is "really" giving out 210 sets to each and every 11 members group.
They need 11 x 210 = 2,310 members to subscribe to this service.

Assemblix may or may not have this total amount of members - but definitely not every Assemblix members signed up for this SMS service.

So it will be quite impossible that 210 sets are given and then proudly proclaiming accuracy of detection.

This will only be possible if each of the 210 sets of ABCD is given to a single member.

Then you only need 210 members to circulate the numbers . Then for every draw, chances of 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize winner is almost 100% sure.

Secondly, Assemblix has a very unselfish stance of NOT accepting any Token of Appreciation, or some call it “Hong Bao”.
I couldn't believe it that some members still think that they need to give Assemblix "Hong Pao" by compulsion.

Actually Assemblix has already reach a level of accuracy that the only “Hong Bao” they will accept is from SP
– and not from members.

Members, please keep your winnings and keep striking ..... HUAT ARRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!
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