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 17 Jan 2006 7/14/2020 5:08:25 AM
Posted By : KL Tan
A Good Start for Year 2006
Hi members,

The new year 2006 has shown strong indication of a better year.

Assemblix very first Analysis course on the use of Win4D Advance new feature have led 40 our attendee into the experience of winning a Top Prize.

There were 2 sets of system numbers being shortlisted together with the direct numbers. We are indeed very happy that both sets of the system number and direct hit consecutively after one another and they are

System number 0137 hit 2nd Prize on 14 Jan 2006
Direct number 1730 hit starter Prize on 14 Jan 2006

System number 0123 hit starter Prize on 15 Jan 2006.

We have received many sms and also email from members who have attended the courses held on 13 Jan 2006.

Assemblix strongly believe in educating our members to Play 4D Responsibly as such you will get to see more courses will be conducted to help our members to enjoy their 4D play and at the same time to Play Responsibly.

Learning is never ending, as such will work even harder to improve both the courses and also in the development of our software.

Members who lost touch with 4D analysis, strongly urge you attend courses conducted or held by Assemblix. We have both the paid and free courses available.

Once again my congratulation to members who have won

Have a nice day
Wishing all members Good Health, Happiness and Prosperity.

Lets work towards positive enviroment and made TTTTP a reality.

Pls Play Responsibly
Hai Tong
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