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 13 Dec 2005 9/22/2019 4:07:09 AM
Posted By : KL Tan
Appreciation letter from Win4D User.
Just receive a wonderful email from a very happy Win4D User who upgraded to the latest version. For members who have not renew your maintenance support, you should renew it before expiry so to keep your version up to date. Call 62530718 or email for details.

Good evening Mr KL Tan,

I like to inform you that ever since I upgraded to the latest version I have been striking ibet very often. Just last Saturday, managed to strike 1st, 2nd and cosolation on 10th Dec 2005 draw even though I won ibet on these numbers. I am very grateful for Win4d Version 2.3 with Win4d Wizard and Win4D Doctor, 4D Summary 3D and other features.

Almost every draws, I have strike ibet on consolation, starter as well as Top3 prizes. I recommend those who are serious in striking 4D, they should purchase this great software to increase their chances in the game of 4D.

I appreciate Hai Tong and you for providing great customer service and providing such a great software.

May Assemblix continuously to attract more and more customers and
prosperous throughout the years.

(Winning tickets available in Assemblix Office)

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