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 19 Apr 2005 9/19/2019 1:31:37 AM
Posted By : KL Tan
Analyse with the Best G-Graph software in town.
Good news to everyone. Imaging you can check the 4D or TOTO just like stock and share graph? Yes, this is Assemblix’s specialist. We had the best software that shows you the trend of numbers using the sine-weighted g-graph. You can virtually apply this graph in all the angles of 4D numbers analysis.

For example, if you are only a 1st prize player that only analyse the 1st 4 digit number in the result, you can use the system 1D or 2D to plot the graph. Start off with an example of system number “55” that shows a very good sign of re-occurrence of a similar cycle over a cross over curve at high point. You can witness this in the graph below. This is a great opportunity for a big time winning if you know the avenue to get it.

Another example would be aiming for top prize winning. In 4D game, the only way to see a big profit over a game is by winning the top prize only. Not just by winning the system number but also by the direct number winning. Try to plot the sine-weighted g-graph on the system 3D and you will be amazed how the graphical statistic can help you to pin point the right top prize coming soon. Below is the one of the example that happens last week.

Imaging you can use the graph to project the future of the system 4D numbers? You can use the g-graph to plot a time line for a particular system number. We are analyzing the gap interval of the hit pattern against time. What we are doing here is to try to find the best fit regression line that can determine the approximate time the next interval is going to happen. I find the accuracy of this method very satisfactory in the range of 60% to 70%.

I run through many test with this method and my projection usually comes within a tolerance of plus or minus 1 draws. In fact some of the course attendee must have benefited on this. They are all over my desk copying down the numbers. 8 of the system number, 5 sets came out as stated. One of the last one was system number 2455, stated clearly on the paper, 16 April 2005. Below is the graph that explains how I did it.

So, pick the right tools and start early with graph plotting. We have scheduled a course in early May. Every course is a new course, we are constantly improving. Click the link below to signup now.

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