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 7 Mar 2005 9/20/2019 5:28:13 AM
Posted By : KL Tan
Win4D Advance Top Prize analysis using System 5D/6D.
Hi member

We have arrange the above on Top Prize analysis to be held on 8 Mar 2005 (Tuesday) at 7.30pm at Balestier Plaza
#02-14. This will allow you the insight view of the newlyd founded system known as system 5 and 6D numbers.

In many cases, we do feel that when we are pursuing on this particular sets of number, it somehow appear another set of system number without actually knowning why. The answer lies on the system 5D and 6D.

Below is the brief on what we will cover during the course:

This course will cover the following topic.

What are system 5D and 6D and its various patterns?

How does system 5D and 6D help in narrowing down good sets of Top prize
system 4D numbers.

Methods of deriving Top prize system 4D number using system 5D and
6D numbers.

How to interpret and understand the gap distribution of the system 5D
and 6D numbers.

G-Graph reading on Summary 5D/6D.

Direct number analysis using Direct filtering features This features
will enable to understand on the performance of the direct number.

Since Win4D Advance have the system 5D and 6D features, we have seen and witness many of our user have a good winning strike. Members, who have been wondering and want to find out how the new features is going to benefit you, I strongly encourage you to sign up to find out yourself

To register kindly click on the link

Have a nice day

Hai Tong


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