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 24 Jan 2005 7/14/2020 12:14:09 PM
Posted By : KL Tan
New Statistic Table Added
Click here to enlarge picture.

Hi All Gold Members,
After much effort in revising the database structure of the whole system, there are unlimited statistic that can be extracted from the result.

We have introduced the Sum Distribution chart to study the winning result history of all the sum group with bias measure. Take a look at the chart and understand what is the probability of your number in term of Sum value.
Sum 4D Distribution Chart

We have another implementation to the gold membership tools, the Odd and Even placement Chart.

This Chart will give you some understanding of how the direct number behave in different pattern and option. Make full use of it, another reference to narrow down numbers.

Odd and Even Digit Chart

Another addition to the Webpage is the Today's 1st Prize History tabulation. These are the extract from the database showing the history winning in the past on the exact day for different month or year.

More of this statistic will be implemented in stages. Do feedback or suggest to us on improvement so that we can all prosper together.

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