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 2 Nov 2004 7/14/2020 9:45:10 AM
Posted By : KL Tan
Another FREE upgrade for Win4D Advance.
Hi Members,
Another FREE upgrade for Win4D Advance. As promised, we are constantly upgrading the software with latest features. This are an improvement over the previous version with many enhanced function from the user themself.

Below are the details of the new features.

Version 2.1 New features :

  1. Cyclical Digit and table layout in the Search function.

  2. Year
    Day table.

  3. 4-pillars NG formation summary.

  4. Adjustable daily draw range.


  1. Able to view Year Month Table in Golden number

  2. Click on "Col 1" button will not regenerate the

  3. The view column will stay when searching for another
    number. No need to scroll to the right side everytime.

  4. Color
    of the daily column is now made darker for easy reading of

  5. Updating result will also check for latest available
    upgrade and your support status.

Please make sure you have a valid Maintenance support subscription before you download and upgrade. For details of Maintenance support subscription please click here.
You may download this at

Below are the latest features available for this upgrade.

1. A new cyclical formation and digit table layout for most user who are good in selecting the 3D but unable to find the 4th digit to match. This will be a handy tools to look out for. We don't stop at cyclical 3D, you can also look at the cyclical system 2D, 1D. Imaging if you can find a top prize 2D, all you need is pick the next 2D from the cyclical table.

2. The speed of today life is so fast and the handling of information also need to be sharper and more precise. The analysis base on yearly and monthly is not enough. We are now looking at daily, which of the day that a certain system number usually hit for the past history. That's where the "Year / Day" table come to be handy. With this table, you can find some bias number that are drawn extremely weird on a certain sector of the month. :)

3. Next come the 4-Pillar NG formation summary where you an instantly see and sort all the NG column to find out which system number has the best NG formation.

4. The draw average column is now converted to variable so that you can adjust the number of draws to check. This can be a very useful function. You can easily find out which system number is the "hot and hitting" type by sorting the draw average column.

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