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 26 Jun 2004 9/20/2019 10:28:45 AM
Posted By : KL Tan
The Assemblix Mid Year Prosperity Gathering 2004 Chalks up another Milestone.
Hi members

It is indeed a very wonderful evening gathering together. During our tea break time, I have spoken to many members and would certainly take their feed back seriously into improving Assemblix’s services. In this aspect, I would like to thank members for their feedback and also their support.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all members for the turn up. It is a 100 per cent turn up and also their generosity in donating money to help fellow members.

Thanks to all moderators for their contribution. I have learn a lot from all you guys. Also not forgetting Saw for his contribution on Toto awareness.

In my speech, I have mentioned, it is togetherness that we get the desired result and our together target is to beat the odd in that we join hands to do it together. The odds are referring to TTTTP always.

Yes Together ‘Huat’ Together ‘Huat’ and Together ‘Huat’.

Once again thanking all of you for making Mid Year ‘Prosperity Get Together’ a success.

Do not forget about the numbers in which all moderator have join force after stringent selection for all members.

Congrats on members who won 1st Prize on our gathering date 1906.

Below are some of the pictures taken during the gathering.

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