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 22 Mar 2004 9/20/2019 3:19:35 PM
Posted By : KL Tan
Win4D Webtools courses.
Hi members,

It is coming to the month end of March 2004, we have specially arranged a course on the use of Web tools not only for the beginner but also for the long-term benefits on the use of the various function. We in place the web tools since 2001 and many members have one way or another benefited from using it. The following are questions being put up by members pertaining to the courses to be conducted on 26 Mar 2004.

Q1. Who are those supposed to attend?
Ans.: All Gold members should attend as we are going into the orientation on the uses of the Web tools. This is to ensure maximum benefits on the use of the Web tools in which most Gold members will be able to access. Besides, we will be up dating members on the new trend of the T-graph base on the past winning results.

Q2. If I am non Win4D Advance/Pro user and neither a Gold member can I attend the course and will I benefit from it?
Ans.: For Gold members since you are able to get access to our Web tools, certainly you will be able to realize the benefit almost immediate. As for those who are non-Gold member, you will still benefit from the concept and the information that we are going to share during the course.

Q3. I have attend your T-Graph, is it necessary to attend this course to be conducted on 26 Mar 2004?
Ans.: We will be touching on other tools besides T-graph. We have made a survey among members and have found that most of them have claimed that they do not know on how to use the other tools besides T-graph. In fact we do received request from members to conduct courses on the use of the other Web tools. We will also be touching on the G-graph of the Win4D Advance as well. At the end of the session, we will be discussing numbers derived from the use of the tools.

Q4. What will the topic you will be covering during the course?

This course will cover all the necessary usage of the webpage analysis tools.

1. How to interpret the T-Graph, G-Graph and Gap Distribution? You will also get the up date of the trend base on the recent result.
2. How to use the Result Stat Report. This is important as it helps you track the trend of the winning results whether is coming from the overdue or the frequent.
3. How to use the Summary of 4D function. This helps to enable you know which system number is the frequent and overdue.
4. How to use the Summary Month function. This is to allow you track the performance number for that particular month.
5. How to make use of the Digit Position Analysis. This is to allow you track the digit that is performing well for the past 5 draws.
6. What is 3D Matching analysis? This helps you to match those performing sys 3d numbers
7. The G-graph of Win4D Advance. This is one of the latest tools from Win4D Advance. This is to allow you to gauge the performance of the 1D, 2D, 3D and 4D.

Q5. How much will we need to pay for the course and where to register for the course?
Ans.: The course is being priced at the flat rate of $30 and to register simply click on the link

May I take this opportunity to wish all members a Happy and Lucky Day
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