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 17 Feb 2004 9/16/2019 3:08:47 PM
Posted By : Kang Hai Tong
Yes! Assemblix and its members raised $3,500 for charity
Hi members,

Time passed so fast, it is already 2 months since our Prosperity Get-Together held on 20 Dec 2003.

On the night of our gathering, Assemblix together with all members present managed to raise funds amounting to $2,999.90. Subsequently in the month of Jan 2004, another member raised another $500.10 and made it to a total sum of $3,500.

From the above event, it has clearly shown that both Assemblix and its members is a strong believer in sharing and giving. This kind of attitude will bring all of us to a greater height for better days ahead.

I strongly believe we all will be keeping the spirit of sharing and giving continuously so as to provide a better and harmony environment.

Once again let me thank all members and congratulate to all of you for your generosity towards charity. I am attaching a copy of the letter below for your reference.

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