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 22 Dec 2003 9/16/2019 4:54:28 PM
Posted By : KL Tan
Prosperity Get-Together Seminar
Thanks for making this Prosperity Get-Together a Truly Happy and Caring event.

Many thanks by you members generousity and support for the event. The caring and sharing, yes as the word suggest, we will be prosper together for being together to do our share of charity for the unfortunate and gather together for Prosperity. Deep in me, I am moved by you members participation and also synergy of being in one Big Family.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the sponsor who contributed $3000 for the event and also all who have rendered help in organizing and also in the sales of product to raise funds for Charity. Home Nursing have finalised the total collected amount is 2814.90 and Assemblix is topping up the different to make it $3000.

There were a few incidents to share with all members, the first chq presented to HNF the amount is $510 (presented by KL Tan to Dr. Krisna on stage) and the 2 chq that was contributed by one of the members is $60 and also the the first prize lucky number is 105. Put them together, it appear to be sys number 0156.
Well, this is just an observation made.

The second incident was the Chq to be payable for the Buffet Dinner is having the sys number 0138 and one of the lucky winner drawn number is 108, and also the first chq number to HNF presented by KL Tan is 1084. Well another sharing of my observation.

Once again thanks all members who have attended and look forward to another gathering.

Below are some pictures taken during the event,

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