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 15 Sep 2003 9/20/2019 6:43:51 PM
Posted By : KL Tan
Launching of Win4D Advance V1.0
We are pleased to announce the launching of the above-mentioned software on the 26th September 2003. This new software will benefit all existing Win4Dpro software owners as well as new purchasers.

As a pre-launch service, our office will be putting up the sale of the Win4D Advance from the 22nd to the 25th September 2003. We would strongly encourage those who wish to purchase the above-mentioned software to drop by our office within that period from 10.30am to 6.30pm to avoid the rush for the purchase on the day of the launch.

We are extending a privilege to our existing Win4Dpro owners to purchase the new Win4D Advance at a special rate according to the software version that they own. We would like to encourage all existing Win4Dpro owners to retain one count in the PC while upgrading the remaining licenses. This is to allow our valued users to cushion the transition from using the dos programme to windows. However, the license retained will not be available for change to the new Win4Dpro Advance.

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