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 1 Sep 2003 9/16/2019 6:12:13 PM
Posted By : KL Tan
Top prize analysis course create many top prize winners.
Hi all members,

Assemblix members made it again and this time round is not one but about 40 members did it together, it is the 3rd Prize winning. It is another overwhelming winning from our members who have attended the Top Prize Analysis course conducted on the 29 Aug 2003. During the course we share the method on Top Prize Analysis and 2 sets of numbers were narrowed down and the numbers are 4689 and 5679. This was done together with all the course participants.

Never did we realized that we have brought in 40 out of 75 participant in their winning of 3rd Prize on system number 4689. One of our greatest joys is that the record once held by Mr. Cowboy is broken. It is currently led by one of new member Mr. TP Freq 123.

We are indeed happy to know that we also have winners who won Top Prize winning on both the Saturday and Sunday.

According to him, his winning is attributed by the way the course is conducted. He is very please with the winning. He also mentioned that though the process of analyzing and narrowing down the Top Prize is tedious but the effort paid off. He is very convinced about Assemblix’s sincerity in sharing and the method taught. His last straw is that win4dpro is indeed marvelous software.

Assemblix would like to congratulate all winners and we truly appreciate the support you members have given us. Yes we will all made it again to the Top Prize again and again.

Have a Happy and Lucky Day

» Assemblix
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