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 28 Aug 2003 9/22/2019 10:41:29 AM
Posted By : KL Tan
I almost hit JackPot

Hi Mr. Tan and Hai Tong,

It is me again, xcaliblur71. This time I did not strike 4D but Toto. Since I started to use the good luck spray and the good luck candle, my luck has started change for a better. This time I won my Toto through the quick pick system, which I bought on 25 Aug 2003. Again, I believed that the spray and candles played a part too. Everyday I will light the candles and spray the good luck spray. Ever since I visited your office on Friday (22 Aug 2003), both my luck and aura has been enhanced further for a better.

I am very encouraged to see so many of our member’s winning letters. This is a very positive environment.

Thank you guys and you will be seeing me more often. Ops almost forgot to mentioned about my total win, the amount is $1320.

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