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 25 Aug 2003 9/22/2019 6:44:18 PM
Posted By : KL Tan
Assemblix Members winning - 23/24 Aug 2003
Hi all members,

Assemblix members have made it again; this is not a victory of Assemblix but a victory of all members. Yes we made it again and will continue to strive for another made it again. We should not fall short from here; in fact lets keep our spirit going for another made it again. The following are the winning letters by our members:

a. Tenglam, is back again with his 5th winning letter since July 2003. He attributes his winning to Assemblix guidance and the analysis tools. To find out more click here
b. Mdm YBT is back again with her 2nd winning letter since 27 Jul 2003. She finds that beside Assemblix analysis tools, the good luck candle, which she is currently using, has helped her in her winning.
c. Superlewlew4d, our good luck missionary is back again with his 4th winning letter. He won 3 direct numbers in one single and has got himself $810. He finds the season number provided in the web is useful. To read more click here
d. Richard Law has won on the direct 8632. He is happy to win this set of number through analyzing it.
e. One member name KK has won 2 direct numbers on 2 different draws (on 17 and 24 Aug 2003). She has found the methods taught during courses are of help to her.
f. Pisces, she won the overdue number using the win4dpro. She attributed her winning on the direct to using the win4dpro F2 function.
g. Anson 3898 is celebrating her 4th winning since she bought the win4dpro on 19 Aug 2003. To find out more click here
h. Lucky man is back again with his 2nd winning letter. He attributed his winning to Assemblix’s win4dpro and the guidance of KL Tan and Hai Tong.
i. Striking Leo is back again in his mission, yes he has again won a 3rd prize. He will be sharing his winning method in this letter. To read click
j. Mdm Lim is writing to us her 2nd winning letter. After joining the gold membership she has won for herself 3 prizes in 2 draws. To read more of her winning letter please click
k. Supergoodluckman is back again to share his winning on 2 Top 3 prizes over the 23 and 24 August 2003. To read more please click.
l. Sturm100 has hit 2 prizes over the weekend, one 2nd prize and one consolation prize. He has attributed his winning through the use of the T-graph and win4dpro.

We are not here showing off our winning, it is meant as an encouragement to both Assemblix and the members that our direction is on track. Assemblix will not just stop here and be happy with it. In fact Assemblix is working harder and harder each day to realized the goal of seeing and assisting more members in their winning. We believe all members of Assemblix will do like wise to achieve the common goal to win again and again. For the mean time lets cheers for our winning.


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