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 21 Aug 2003 9/19/2019 7:09:51 PM
Posted By : KL Tan
Assemblix members win again - 20 Aug.
Hi all members,

Assemblix members have made it again; this is not a victory of Assemblix but a victory of all members. Yes we made it again and will continue to strive for the next made it again. We should not fall short from here; in fact lets keep our spirit going for another made it again. The following are the winning letters by our members:

a. Striking Leo, is back again with another winning. He finds it beneficial from the sharing of forum members.
b. Xcaliblur71 is back again with another winning. Her consistency in winning will lead her to the Top prize.
c. Supergoodluck man is back again for his third winning. He is doing what most winners have done that is to check the number using T-graph and win4dpro before proceeding to the 4D booth.
d. Mdm Lim was happy with her trip to Assemblix office to purchase the Good Luck candle. This trip has made her richer by $250.
e. Grateful winner has won 2 top prizes. She is happy with the Assemblix web analysis tools and had a special thanks to Mr. Daniel Ngee.
f. Teck who just recently own a win4dpro and is happy with his association with Assemblix, according to him after using the win4dpro, winning has picked up.

We are not here showing off our winning, it is meant as an encouragement to both Assemblix and the members that our direction is on track. Assemblix will not just stop here and be happy with it. In fact Assemblix is working harder and harder each day to realized the goal of seeing and assisting more members in their winning. We believe all members of Assemblix will do like wise to achieve the common goal to win again and again. For the mean time lets cheers for our winning.

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