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 18 Aug 2003 9/22/2019 6:04:37 PM
Posted By : KL Tan
Assemblix members win again!
Hi all members,

Assemblix finds it a pleasure to announce and to share winning joy of all members who have sent in their letters and the photocopied winning tickets. We are indeed happy to see more and more who have benefited from Assemblix analysis tools. The following are the winning letters by our members:

a. Striking Leo, according to him striking 4D is his mission, he has again achieve his mission. He has won for himself a $5000.He finds the win4dpro F2 function works again this time.

b. One new Gold member by the name of Supergoodluck man has won one First Prize and one starter prize. He has won for himself a total of $14,562. He is convinced about the analysis tools from Assemblix.

c. Benykp is writing to us his second winning letter. He won on the direct 4106-starter prize and has made $1000.

d. One new member, Happy Winning man, he has won for himself sys number 1468 a starter prize.

e. One new member, strike 4D is happy with the forum and the Assemblix analysis tools. He has won a starter prize on sys number 2579.

All this joy of winning is the effort by the winning members who voluntarily send in to Assemblix. As Assemblix has mentioned to win is joy to win together is more joy. Assemblix has also attached the T-graph to indicate how is the winning. We are still expecting more and more members to sent their winning ticket and lets keep the line growing. To achieve TTTTP is no longer a dream, it will be a reality.

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