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 4 Aug 2003 9/20/2019 6:54:20 PM
Posted By : KL Tan
This week Overwhelming winning letters.
Hi members,

Assemblix have again another round of overwhelming winning over the weekend. We have 2 winners who won 2nd Prize on sys number 0122 and direct 2102. We have also 3 winners who have won consolation prize on sys number 1447, 4448 and 3898.

Sunshine Lady who has a record of eight winning since 4 Jun 2003. According to her win4dpro and the T-graph was a tremendous help in her winning. She has won a total of $3000.

Tenglam, a no stranger, who is writing his 4th winning letters to Assemblix. He has also mentioned the winning are due to win4dpro and the T-graph. He has indicated he has got this win4dpro, win4dbasic and gold membership fully reimbursed. You can see the Case Study of this at here.

Happy Lady has won for herself a consolation prize on direct number 4448. She has found both win4dpro and the win4dbasic good tools in helping her in the winning.

Xcaliblur, first time writing to Assemblix. She is feeling good for her winning. She finds the gold member forum was a good place for sharing.

Anson3898, first time writing to Assemblix. She finds the Good Luck candle has broke the no hit spell which she experience for a period of one year.

Remember, Assemblix has once mentioned to win alone is lonely to win together is more joy. Assemblix do not promise a 100 per cent winning formula. But Assemblix will put up all the good formula of winning and analysis tools to assist all members to achieve making TTTTP a reality and not just a dream.

Assemblix wishing all the above winners and also all members of Assemblix TTTTP all the way.
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