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 29 Jul 2003 9/22/2019 7:26:18 PM
Posted By : KL Tan
Overwhelming 4-D winning
Hi members,

Assemblix members make it again in the winning over the weekend. This time round, Assemblix are indeed very happy to learn about the overwhelming winning.

The known sunshine lady has won for herself a total of $13,000. According to her, the T-graph course she has attended has indeed helps her a great deal. Look out for her winning letter.

Ah168huat has won for himself 2 sets of number. One 3rd prize and one starter, in all he got for himself a total amount of $750. Click here to read his winning letter.

One new win4dpro user by the name of lucky man has won for himself a starter prize on sys number 0488, with an amount of $1250. According to him, the win4Dpro and the good luck has help in his winning. Click here to read about his winning.

One member by the name YBT has won for herself 2-starter prize with an amount of $750. She claimed that the Good Luck candle and the visit to Assemblix office help in her winning. Click here to read about her winning.

Tenglam has won again. According to him the chat room was a great help to him in the winning of direct number 3803. He has won for himself a total of $500. Click here to read his winning letter.

We are indeed very happy to announce that the T-graph course that was conducted on the 25 Jul 2003, we have in total of 35 members attended. Out of this number, we have received sms and email from 19 members about their winning on sys number 1389. However, most of them out of joy of winning have claimed their prize without photocopy the ticket. We have over here some members who photocopy their ticket and their winning letters.

Happy Lady
Sunshine lady
Lucky lady
Happy Man
Lucky Kalei

Assemblix congrats the entire winner above and wish them striking more and more in the draws to come. Yes lets make TTTTP a reality and not just a dream.
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