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 28 Jul 2003 9/20/2019 7:11:59 PM
Posted By : KL Tan
Satisfied Gold member testimonial
Hi Master Tan & Hai Tong,
This is my first time to strike 2 numbers in a single draw. I won $750 for myself on Sunday (27 Jul).

I'll like to share my methods of winning...

1. Using the proven software tool, Win4DPro, to automatically forecast the potential numbers. Then, using the software to list the most frequent 2D and 3D patterns. Shortlist a few set of numbers.

2. With the shortlisted numbers, check them against the online Analysis Tool. The online analysis tool, includes T-Graph, G-Graph, Season numbers, Best Chances numbers, Direct numbers etc. Using the T-Graph and G-Graph, I studied the pattern and select your potential numbers.

3. Participated actively in the forum and chatroom.

I like to recommend to all 4-D kakis who have not purchase the Win4DPro or Subscribe to the online Gold/Jade membership, please do so now...

Initially, I was like one of you who have following doubts:
1. Can it work or not?(It technically proven...It works!)
2. Too costly? (Eventually you will win back.)
3. Any obligations? (No obligations, no 10% "AngPoa", etc)

After I purchased the Win4DPro (abt. 3 yrs back), and subscribed to the Gold membership, I have won many times. In fact, my Win4DPro and membership fee was fully re-imbursed from the winning.

Why WAIT!!!

Let's keep on Winning...
Thanks to Assemblix 4-D Community.

This is not a paid commercial for Assemblix. It is really my sincere thoughts and feelings, and support to Assemblix.
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