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 21 Jul 2003 9/19/2019 3:01:40 PM
Posted By : KL Tan
I won $54,000 through Win4DPro.
Hi KL and Hai Tong,

I am feeling great and thrilled to share my joy of winning the First Prize on the 20 Jul 2003 and won for myself a total amount of $54,000. I bought $2B system bet on 1245 and the $10Big and $10 small on the direct number 1452.

It started when I log on to the Assemblix’s chartroom on the 19 Jul (Sat) KL was in the chartroom and he mentioned sys number 1245 is a good investment number for the weekend. I rang KL Tan up immediately after the chartroom ended and he reminded me to use the Win4DPro Direct 2D analysis to narrow down the direct number to buy.

From Win4DPro, using the search function, I noticed that the x45x is a good Direct 2D number as such I went ahead to buy 2 sets of direct (i.e. 2451 and 1452). My confidence was further enhanced when using the F8 function sort by Top prize only, sys number 1245 has a high percentage for Top prize. Again do remember to choose the database option for Sat & Sun only. This is important when analyzing weekend number. My advice to those who are a Win4Dpro user, do make good use of the software; it is indeed a very good software. In my past without the software, I hardly win, in fact I loose more than I win, after having to invest $208 to have Win4DPro, not only have I got back my investment of $208, in fact I got back a lot more.

Both KL Tan and Hai Tong, their unselfishness of sharing their analysis tools and advice to us as members, clearly show their passion in the job. In fact on my first visit to their office, it was only then that I realized that they are doing it full time, this reflects their commitment in making Assemblix to be the 4D research center.

Mr. Superlewlew, the luck missionary you did a good job. Mr. Richard Law and Mr. Flame, you people are doing a good job for members like me, you people did turn me on to believe that 4D numbers can be analyzed besides Assemblix. Not forgetting Ms Catherine Lim, Ms JoJo and Ms Pris Aw the 4D Tips giver.

My salute to both KL Tan and Hai Tong, and strongly believe many more will be joining to salute you people the job well done and the sharing. Urging all members to keep sending your winning letter and winning ticket and lets burst them with our winning.

Once again to KL and Hai Tong and all members wishing all of you TTTTP all the way.

Notes from Assemblix.

In fact the T-Graph for system number 1245 is showing a strong sign of hitting Top prize and the Gap range to invest is within 3 draws starting from Saturdays. I will further explain how to read this on this friday T-Graph course.
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