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 10 Jul 2003 9/19/2019 2:52:31 PM
Posted By : KL Tan
$42,500 Winner, find out how she did it!
Hi KL and Hai Tong,

It is great to share my winning experience and my joy for winning one 3rd Prize (Sys number 3248) and one starter prize (Direct and sys number 8189) on the 9 Jul 2003. I have won for myself a total of $42,500.

On the 9 Jul before setting off to buy my numbers, I had always make it a point to check on both the T-graph and the all time good Win4DPro. I have noticed that the sys number 2348 looks good on the T-graph, besides that it is also one the recommended potential top prize number in the Monthly newsletter by Assemblix for the month of July 2003. Regarding sys number 9818 happens to be my H/p number. Upon checking the sys number using Win 4D Pro on Wed data base option, I have noticed that this sys number has ever strike in the month of July (I denotes it as season number for July). The direct number 8189 was obtained by using the F2 button from the Win4DPro.

Since my trip to Assemblix on the 30 May 2003 to have my Win4DPro upgraded and at the same time to renew my Gold membership, I have seen a great change in my winning. Assemblix’s method of investment is marvelous. One of the statements made by Hai Tong made is that before one can win he or she must be mentally prepared to loose. That accounts why Assemblix kept emphasize on Play responsibly and play within your means.

To all members, have faith and confidence and last but not least believe in Assemblix, when they grow we will all grow together. Get hold of the Win 4D Pro and renew your Gold membership if you have not done so. I believe my past 3 winning letter (dated 4 Jun, 14 Jun and 28 Jun) would be motivating for members to make good use of the analysis tools in the web and also the all time good Win4DPro. Assemblix are coming up with more and more good analysis tools. Do sent my thanks to Richard Law and Flame for their sharing in that 4D can be analyzed and Superlewlew who kept encouraging member to visit Assemblix for better luck. My trip to Assemblix on the 30 May was made because of his mentioning.

May Good Luck and Good Health be with Assemblix, all members and also myself. May my sunshine lights up every one’s path to the road of TTTTP all the way. Well-done Assemblix.

Sunshine Lady


Assemblix comments

The direct number obtained by sunshine lady was after the search for sys number 9818, she then press the F2 button, where the direct number are highlighted in red. One point to note is that she uses the data base option for Wed without 4-D sweep from Win 4D Pro.

It is pertinent to note that sunshine lady bet on the amount as budgeted. We do not at any point of time encourage any member to play such big amount unless you have specific cater for it. Remember the rule of the game is Play Responsibly and Play within your means. Ironically, if members have notice, those who kept sending letters to us, are seen sending more and more, examples like Richard Law, Flame and also our Sunshine Lady.
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