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 2 Jul 2003 9/20/2019 6:21:18 PM
Posted By : KL Tan
Goldmember winning testimony.
Hi Assemblix & all,

I am happy to share my experience of winning 2 Top prizes over the weekend. Direct for Sat 2nd Prize (0578) & Sun 1st Prize (7321).

Used to be a nut in 4-D, never ever have I heard of 4-D can be analyze one. One fine day, while I was visiting Singapore Yahoo! Website, I noticed that there is a 4-D search website. I find it very interesting and it sound like money winning to me, so ‘click’ and I went through hyperspace and reach Assemblix home page.

After reading almost all accessible contents to a non-member, I decided to join the Gold membership for a try. I came to know more bit by bit, I finally ordered the Win 4-D Pro after reading testimonies by other winners. Testing & Testing & more testing, I was able to catch the usefulness of this software.

Just one month ago, after attending the Top Prize analysis course conducted by KL & Hai Tong and already I have decided to attend another course later this month on T-graph analysis.

These two top prizes are won without doubt, where the final credit would still goes to Assemblix for their services in providing the T-Graph. Without the T-Graph & G-Graph, I am unable to determine which sets of numbers to go for (from the bottom of my heart), they are the final steps to my analysis, if not, I will only end up having tons of numbers to invest.

It is a great sense of self-accomplishment; imagine, out of 10,000 numbers, you are able to catch that very one number. My mum also mentioned that I have strike more times in a month then she ever has after 10 years of playing 4-D. I always believe in faith, luck, and some solid effort and always stay optimistic. Believe in yourself and open up to those who are able to help you.

Winning money in 4-D playing will become a reality!

Good Luck to all, hope that my winnings can be a good kick-start for you to motivate yourself and start analyzing 4-D.

» Assemblix
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