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 16 Jun 2003 7/16/2020 6:31:17 PM
Posted By : KL Tan
I won $17,000
Hi KL Tan and Hai Tong,

I am always very impressed by the Win4DPro that was developed by Assemblix. I have bought this software since 1998 and have started to see my winning getting better and better. Prior to this, my winning was like once in a year or sometime once in every 2 years.

The courses has also help me to make good use of the feature and the function of the Win4DPro. My Analysis gets sharper after attending the courses. I have been monitoring sys number 1255 since early June as this is one of the overdue sys number with a very good prize structure (i.e. quite a number of Top Prizes). When the 4-D result for the 14 Jun 2003 is out, I have noticed the sys number 1125 had strike twice both the starter and the consolation prize. This has indicated that my sys number 1255 show some signs of striking a prize. This method of observing is something I have learnt from the course.

Further to my conversation with KL and Hai Tong, I also learnt that in order to win more and to be sustainable is play on direct bet. Both encourage me to use Win4Dpro the direct 2-D method to narrow downs the direct number. Both recommend that I should choose 4 sets of direct number if I chose not to sys bet. On the 15 June I went ahead using the Win4DPro to narrow 4 sets of direct number which I learnt from the courses.

What a thrill to learnt that I have hit a Top Prize and have won a total of $17,000 from one of the direct number which I have narrow down using the Win4DPro. The direct is 5521. In the past winning of this amount is only a dream. Now I could realized it was through sheer hard work from both myself and also the Win4DPro. Not forgetting KL and Hai Tong’s effort in their web development.

I am encouraging for those who have not got the Win4DPro should get one if you are serious about winning better with analysis. Lets stay with Assemblix and prosper together with them.


Win4DPro Lady
Note from Assemblix.
We can learn from her letter that she really put in a lot of effort in learning and practising the analysis techque. We must stress that this is not to encoraging you to play more, please always remember to play within your means.
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