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 5 Jun 2003 7/14/2020 6:25:39 PM
Posted By : KL Tan
Another Gold Member win $5250.
Hi KL and Hai Tong,

I am excited to share my joy of winning of $5250 on 4 June 2003 on the direct number 1058. On the 4 June 2003 before I went ahead to buy my numbers, I have log on to your web page to take a look at the season’s number, from the season’s number, I noticed that sys number 0158 was listed there.

I have been buying Direct 1058 and 5810 on a smaller amount, since I noticed that it is the season’s number for the month, I decided to bet more on my direct number and also sys bet $1 on 0158 as an insurance.

I am indeed very happy to know that I have won a total of $5250 when the result was announced. By just using the statistic from the web I am able to win, I believe that if I start using the Win 4-D Pro, I could have win even more.

My heartiest thanks to KL and Hai Tong for their wonderful Web and certainly happy being a Gold Member

Sunshine Lady

Another ticket
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