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 24 Apr 2003 9/19/2019 12:19:31 AM
Posted By : KL Tan
Lucky Candle again!
We just received another wonderful email from one of the customer who came to our office on 21/4/03. Below is the whole contents.


Hello Hai Tong & KL

If you remember a Fat Boy that visited your office on Monday afternoon, 21/4/03 and bought the balance 6 Lucky Candles and the 4D Basic CD, I am pleased to say that the candles really work for me!!

I won $750 in tonite's draw with the number 2088. Have been buying it for so long and finally came out. A win is a win no matter big or small. Though it was not the number from the candle or from the software analysis, but it sure work and I have to thank the lady, a friendly stranger who said that it works with other numbers too. And BOY she was right!! Once again, Thank you and I am looking forward to more winning numbers from the candles, software or my own.

Hai Tong, thank you so much for explaining and convincing me that the 4D Basic is enough for someone who has a budget constraint. Moreover it was kind of you to show how the software works and the necessary steps to do when burning the candle.

Not forgetting Mr Tan who was busy with another client thank you for the brief explaination to the insights of the 4D Pro.

Be Positive and Believe in It because you will never know what will happen next!!

Good Luck & All the Best to everybody!!!


A HAPPY FAT BOY from the East
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