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 17 Apr 2003 9/16/2019 5:04:21 PM
Posted By : KL Tan
Another winner with Lucky Candle
Dear KL and Hai Tong,

While reading one of the winning letter, I came to know one of the winner by the name of ultimate winner mentioned that he won $500 by using the ‘Good Luck’ candle. On the 14 Apr I went down to your office and bought 10 ‘Good Luck’ candle.

I follow exactly what the ultimate winner did, I lit the candle on 16 Apr and bought the number gathered from the candle and the number is 5497. I bought $1 Direct and was happy to learn I strike $250.

I must say it has been quite a while to win money from 4-D play. With the candle and the analysis tools, I must say I am feeling more confident of more win.

Winning Lady
Eastern Singapore
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