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 17 Apr 2003 9/19/2019 5:02:45 PM
Posted By : KL Tan
Happy Lady strike again!
Hi KL Tan & Hai Tong,

The Lucky Candles have worked again. I have hit Top Prize 8833, 1 Starter Prize 5497 and two Conso Prizes 1083 & 4484 tonite! My instinct that 0138 may hit again this mth has really come true even though it is a conso prize. Also, I had followed 8833 for half a year and I reckon that it is with the help of the 'Lucky Candles' that this long overdue No has hit lst Prize tonite. I am, indeed, very, very happy to have won 4 nos out of 23 nos and this is really fantastic! No doubt, the amt I won may not be big; but I like the feeling to be able to hit 4 nos in one draw and that's really great lah!

Hopefully, the 'Lucky Candles' will work again over the coming weekend and also all the coming draws!

Once again, thank you for yr good recommendations on these 'Lucky Candles' which I have decided to place more orders soon.

Cheers & TTTTP always.

Regards - Happy Lady
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